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19 Nov 2016

Midway through our 50th Anniversary Celebration Service in Mytholmroyd, CVSRT members became aware of a missing persons appeal issued by West Yorkshire Police for Denise Bishop, a vulnerable 38yo female, who was reported missing from Calderdale Royal Hospital.

Team members immediately noticed similarities to a recent missing person search in Holmfirth by Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team, where the female had been successfully found by HVMRT on Friday (18th November) but was hypothermic and in need of medical assistance at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Subsequently the casualty had been transferred to Halifax for further treatment.

At 16:00pm on Saturday (19th November), West Yorkshire Police requested CVSRT assistance and our incident leaders also alerted HVMRT to the new search for the same female. Within the hour, 51 members from both teams had assembled and were deployed in and around the Savile Park area of Halifax. Earlier in the afternoon the missing female had been seen on CCTV entering the park.

As darkness fell, the temperatures also fell below freezing and search efforts intensified into the night with CVSRT Search dog ‘Pepper’ and Cheshire SAR Trailing dog ‘Skye’ joining the search, as well as additional units from the police, the police helicopter and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. All areas of interest radiating out from the last confirmed sighting in Savile Park were thoroughly searched and cleared.

The hospital grounds had already been searched earlier in the day by CRI security staff, however a CVSRT fell party were tasked to search the hospital grounds again just in case the missing female had been wandering for a while and had returned to that location.

At 20:38, the missing female was successfully found by CVSRT in dense foliage at the rear of the hospital. She was alive but wet, cold and very confused. She was able to walk and was escorted indoors for medical assistance.

CVSRT would like to thank HVMRT, WYFRS and WYP for their assistance with searching and covering such a large area so quickly. The combined efforts concluded with a successful find. Excellent team work and a fantastic result.

In attendance:
24 Calder Valley SRT members and 1 Search dog
26 Holme Valley MRT
1 Cheshire SAR Trailing dog and handler
West Yorkshire Police
NPAS Police Helicopter
West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

Additional Info

  • Date Saturday, 19 November 2016
  • Location Savile Park, Halifax
  • Grid Reference SE 08896 23624
  • Latitude 53.708967
  • Longitude -1.8667102
  • Man Hours 24
  • Members In Attendance 132


15 Nov 2016

Whilst CVSRT were returning to the valley from Incident #978 at Shipley Glen near Baildon, Team leaders received a request from West Yorkshire Police to assist with the search for a vulnerable missing male at Baitings Reservoir, Ripponden.

Once on-scene, CVSRT were tasked with searching and clearing areas of interest. Unfortunately the missing male wasn’t located during the search and at 02:30am the team stood down, returned the vehicles to their bases and then continued onward to their homes.

Police enquiries continued today (Tuesday) as the male was still missing and officers were assistance by the police helicopter and additional police ground units.

In attendance:
24 CVSRT members
West Yorkshire Police

Duration: 3hrs 45mins

Additional Info

  • Date Monday, 14 November 2016
  • Location Baitings Reservoir, Ripponden
  • Grid Reference SE 01126 19091
  • Latitude 53.668293
  • Longitude -1.9844297
  • Man Hours 90
  • Members In Attendance 24


14 Nov 2016

At 21:18, CVSRT was alerted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to an incident at Shipley Glen near Baildon, involving a mountain biker who had fallen from his ride and injured his pelvis. Due to the remote location and lack of vehicle access, the team was immediately deployed to assist.

Within eight minutes the first CVSRT members began to arrive at the location and assessed the casualty’s condition. An equipment kit list was quickly relayed to our responding vehicles and once on-scene, team members headed directly to the casualty site and prepared for a rapid evacuation.

The casualty was promptly made comfortable and packaged in the vacuum mattress, then stretchered from the rough ground location to the road where he was handed over to the ambulance crew.

Whilst the team was preparing to depart the location, it became apparent that a vehicle driven by one of the casualty’s relatives had a flat battery. Always happy to oblige, team members then provided a jump-start to the drivers car so he could get home safely.

In attendance: 22 CVSRT
Yorkshire Ambulance Service
Duration: 2hrs

Additional Info

  • Date Monday, 14 November 2016
  • Location Shipley Glen, Baildon
  • Grid Reference SE 13100 39900
  • Latitude 53.855166
  • Longitude -1.8023312
  • Man Hours 44
  • Members In Attendance 22


09 Nov 2016

At 09:08 this morning, CVSRT received a request for assistance from a First Responder and an ambulance crew, with the evacuation of an injured lady who had fallen at Hardcastle Crags, sustaining a suspected leg fracture.

CVSRT members were quickly on-scene and whilst a team paramedic assessed the extent of the casualty’s injuries and provided pain relief, the remaining members provided protection from the cold and prepared the stretcher for evacuation.

Once the casualty was comfortable, the injured leg was splinted and the lady was placed into a winter casualty bag and stretchered for a short distance to the ambulance for onward journey to hospital.

In attendance: 14 CVSRT
Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Duration: 2hrs 7mins

Additional Info

  • Date Wednesday, 09 November 2016
  • Location New Bridge Hall, Hardcastle Crags
  • Grid Reference SD 98800 29000
  • Latitude 53.757358
  • Longitude -2.0196801
  • Man Hours 29.6
  • Members In Attendance 14

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