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29 May 2016

Just as thoughts turned towards lunch, CVSRT members were alerted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to an incident involving an injured mountain biker who had come off his bike whilst riding a downhill course at an organised event near Todmorden.

14 team members were available to respond instantly and stopped what they were doing and made their way towards team vehicles and onward to the location of the incident.

Once on-scene, CVSRT members joined the YAS Responder and Yorkshire Air Ambulance crew to treat the casualty for potential head and spinal injuries, before packaging him in our vacuum mattress and loading the casualty on to the team's Bell stretcher for evacuation from the woodland location to a nearby field where the air ambulance had landed to transfer the injured rider to hospital.

Just after the team were stood down from this incident, we received notification of another incident involving an injured rider at the same location.

The team quickly responded and treated the casualty, who was then transferred to A&E by his friend.

Team vehicles eventually left the location to return to base, repacked kit and replenish any used medical equipment.

Additional Info

  • Date Sunday, 29 May 2016
  • Location Carr Rd, Todmorden
  • Grid Reference SE 01062 25968
  • Latitude 53.730107
  • Longitude -1.9853813
  • Man Hours 39.2
  • Members In Attendance 14


19 May 2016

At 12:01, CVSRT received a request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to assist with the urgent evacuation of an injured male near Crag Lane, Halifax. Within 17 minutes, 18 team members were in attendance.

The man had fallen from the crag top last night and had been there overnight. At 11.30am this morning, a dog walker discovered the casualty and raised the alarm. Ambulance paramedics treated the injured male for a suspected ankle fracture, potential spinal injuries and hypothermia.

CVSRT members packaged the injured male in a winter casualty bag and transported him by stretcher to the ambulance. A rope system was used to support the stretcher carry due to the steep terrain.

The team members stood down at 13:46 and return to based, then onward to their jobs or home.

In Attendance: 18 CVSRT members

Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Additional Info

  • Date Thursday, 19 May 2016
  • Location Crag Lane, Halifax
  • Grid Reference SE069273
  • Latitude 53.742576
  • Longitude -1.8968202
  • Man Hours 30.8
  • Members In Attendance 18


12 May 2016

At 00:38am, CVSRT received a request from West Yorkshire Police to assist with an ongoing search for a vulnerable missing male near Marsh Lane, Southowram.

During the night and early hours the search zone was cleared with no conclusion. Team stood down at 05:13am. 

Later that day, the police located the missing male safe and well outside the search area.

In attendance: 20 CVSRT members

West Yorkshire Police

Additional Info

  • Date Thursday, 12 May 2016
  • Location Marsh Lane, Southowram
  • Grid Reference SE107245
  • Latitude 53.717634
  • Longitude -1.8390045
  • Man Hours 127.3
  • Members In Attendance 20


11 May 2016
At 01:39am, CVSRT received a request from West Yorkshire Police to assist with an ongoing search for a 60yo male who was missing from his home in Baildon. Whilst en-route the missing gentleman was located by WYP ground units and the team were stood down.
Deployed: 21 CVSRT Members
West Yorkshire Police
West Yorkshire Fire Service 

Additional Info

  • Date Wednesday, 11 May 2016
  • Location Baildon Moor
  • Grid Reference SE140390
  • Latitude 53.847404
  • Longitude -1.7884448
  • Man Hours 12.5
  • Members In Attendance 21


08 May 2016

CVSRT received a request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to provide urgent assistance with the evacuation of a 24yo female, who had fallen and sustained a suspected ankle fracture whilst at the Brontë Waterfalls near Haworth.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance was also on scene, however the casualty decided she would prefer to be transferred to hospital by land ambulance. Once she was comfortable, CVSRT members carried the casualty by stretcher out of the valley to the lane head to the waiting ambulance.

In attendance

23 CVSRT members

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Duration: 2hrs 15mins


Additional Info

  • Date Sunday, 08 May 2016
  • Location Brontë Waterfall, Haworth
  • Grid Reference SD 99800 35800
  • Latitude 53.818478
  • Longitude -2.0045199
  • Man Hours 51.8
  • Members In Attendance 23


07 May 2016

CVSRT received an urgent request from West Yorkshire Police to assist with the search for a vulnerable missing 14yo boy, who was last seen on the riverside track between Gibson Mill and the car park at Hardcastle Crags. His parents had searched the woods thoroughly for approximately an hour, but couldn't locate him and were becoming increasingly concerned for the boy’s welfare, so contacted the police for help.

Once deployed, several team members were on-scene within 4 minutes and proceeded to do a rapid path search from the car park to Gibson Mill, then returning via riverside route. Whilst this was on going, the remaining team members were on-scene ready to join the woodland search.

Thankfully at 17:42 the team received the good news that the boy had been found safe and well in Hebden Bridge. The team stood down and returned to base in Mytholmroyd, then onward to their homes.

In attendance: 21 CVSRT

Duration 1hr 30mins

Additional Info

  • Date Saturday, 07 May 2016
  • Location Hardcastle Crags
  • Grid Reference SD 98858 29145
  • Latitude 53.758663
  • Longitude -2.0188075
  • Man Hours 31.5
  • Members In Attendance 21


01 May 2016

Last night, as the team were returning to their base in Mytholmroyd after supporting the Todmordon Boundary Walk, a request was received from Yorkshire Ambulance Service for assistance with the evacuation of a 16 year old female who had slipped on steps along the Pennine Way. The lady, who was from Lincolnshire and was in the area with a Youth group, had suffered injuries to her wrist, arm and leg on her right side.

Once on-scene, CVSRT members stablised the casualty and transferred her by stretcher to an awaiting ambulance.

In attendance: 24 CVSRT members and Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Incident #926 Shaw Bottom, Blackshaw Head

Sunday 1st May 2016, 19:50

Additional Info

  • Date Sunday, 01 May 2016
  • Location Shaw Bottom, Blackshaw Head
  • Grid Reference SD96812819
  • Latitude 53.750069
  • Longitude -2.0498540
  • Man Hours 72
  • Members In Attendance 24


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