Help to prevent moorland wildfires

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Due to the very warm weather at present and with a forecast of more hot, dry weather and a large moorland fire on Saddleworth Moor - unsurprisingly there is an increased risk here in Calderdale from Wildfire. The Met Office warning for Wildfires over the next few days is very high.

Please look after our moors as they play an integral part of the local wildlife, water quality and retaining surface water and carbon, as well as protecting livelihoods.

Please be vigilant and help to prevent moorland wildfires. If you see anything suspicious report it to Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or in an emergency call 999 and request Fire & Rescue Services.

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Having learnt from our experiences over recent years during the floods, we quickly realised the need to adopt closer working relationships with all the emergency services, partner organisations and the Environmental Agency. Floods by nature are often wide spread, devastating and generally will require immediate hands-on and intervention from many trained personnel to provide an effective response. As a direct result of Boxing Day floods, CVSRT received donations from various organisations, businesses, community groups and the public. These funds were specifically to buy specialist water rescue equipment and to train team members with new water rescue skills and knowledge.

We are great believers that the best source for knowledge is from experience, and knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. This is why our specially trained water rescue members cascade their skills within the team, and also proactively share their knowledge externally with community groups, partner organisations, emergency services and other agencies to strengthening working relationships.

When the call comes to respond, the emergency services will of course be involved in great strength responding to calls for assistance and providing first response capability to protect life and property. As water levels rise and roads succumb to surface water, streams and rivers breach, bringing a threat to homes and businesses, the police, fire and ambulance services will all be evident with CVSRT supporting them as required.

Highways and local authority emergency coordination staff will be clearing gullies of debris, delivering sandbags and establishing local evacuation centres. CCTV operators and community wardens will provide vital live links with real-time assessment of the developing situation whilst Environment Agency staff and volunteer flood wardens will be patrolling their areas, providing critical ‘on the ground’ intelligence, practical support and reassurance to the communities. These are to name but a few as experience has shown that other service providers including many from the voluntary sector will also play a massive part at all stages of such events. When such major incidents occur, CVSRT may only play a small part in the operation, but we are determined to provide the most effective service and coordinated support possible to all the agencies and the communities we serve.

On Friday 20th October, water rescue teams from CVSRT and WYFRS (Todmorden station), attended a joint flood training exercise with Calderdale Council, flood wardens and the Environmental Agency. As part of this exercise, both water rescue teams worked together to extract a casualty from a stricken barge. This annual multi-agency flood exercise was to test the effectiveness of resources. However, little did we know our services would be called upon so soon! The following night, flood sirens were sounded in the Upper Valley for real.

Both WYFRS and CVSRT were deployed to Todmorden to provide a water safety response as reports of rising water levels were coming in and roads became impassable with surface water. Thankfully for most, the flooding was minimal on this occasion, although not all residents escaped without some damage.

CVSRT members also met local flood wardens during the deployment - some of who are now familiar faces from attending our training courses. Over recent months CVSRT First Aid professionals have been delivering Emergency First Aid courses to the local flood wardens and we are pleased to announce that seven flood wardens successfully obtained their first aid qualification on November 1st. The course focussed on life saving techniques including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and how to use a defibrillator.

As volunteers ourselves we acknowledge the incredible efforts and commitment everyone contributes at such challenging times and we understand that ‘we’re all in it together’.

Seven flood wardens successfully complete their first aid training

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

At 19:55, CVSRT received a request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to provide urgent assistance with a vehicle, which had left the A672 (Rishworth Moor) and had come to rest approx. 50-60ft down the steep banking in a deep ravine. 19 CVSRT members were available to assist immediately and deployed in team vehicles or directly.

Once on-scene, team members were advised by West Yorkshire Police that the driver was missing from the vehicle, so we were tasked with assisting with a multi-agency search for the driver at the crash site and surrounding moorland.

At 02:00, CVSRT members concluded their tasking and returned to base, then onward to their homes. No further information is available at this moment.

Police enquiries are ongoing.

In attendance: 19 CVSRT

West Yorkshire Police (WYP)
West Yorkshire Police Dogs (WYPD)
West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit (WYP RPU)
National Police Air Service (NPAS CarrGate)
Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA)
Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS)
YAS Hazardous Area Response Team (YAS HART)
West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (WYFRS)
WYFRS Technical Rescue Unit (TRU)
Search and Rescue Dog from Cave Rescue Organisation (SARDA England) (CRO)

Total Duration: 6hrs 5mins

Additional Info

  • Date Saturday, 19 August 2017
  • Location Boothwood Reservoir, Rishworth Moor
  • Grid Reference SE 01038 16142
  • Latitude 53.641790
  • Longitude -1.9857744
  • Man Hours 97.3
  • Members In Attendance 19
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Tuesday, 08 August 2017

CVSRT received a request from West Yorkshire Police to provide assistance with the recovery of a 60yo male found deceased in woodland.

Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

In attendance: 10 CVSRT
West Yorkshire Police
Yorkshire Ambulance Services
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Total Duration: 3hr

Additional Info

  • Date Tuesday, 08 August 2017
  • Location Dauber Bridge, Cragg Vale
  • Grid Reference SE 00758 25106
  • Latitude 53.722360
  • Longitude -1.9899910
  • Man Hours 30
  • Members In Attendance 10
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Friday, 12 May 2017

At 20:55, CVSRT were alerted to an incident at Chellow Dene near Bradford, where Yorkshire Ambulance Service were requesting assistance to evacuate an injured 14yo boy who had fallen in to Devils Cave sustaining a serious leg injury.

18 CVSRT members were available to respond immediately and made their way to the location either in team vehicles or directly. Once on-scene, team members rigged a rope system to lower a team member down to the casualty. He was then placed on to a stretcher and lowered to the cave floor, where the boy was then carried to the ambulance at the road.

Also on-scene assisting with the rescue were West Yorkshire Police, Yorkshire Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response Team and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

At 23:09, CVSRT stood down and returned to base, then onward to their homes.

In attendance: 18 CVSRT
Yorkshire Ambulance Service
West Yorkshire Police
Yorkshire Ambulance Service
YAS Hazardous Area Response Team
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Total Duration: 3hrs 4mins

Additional Info

  • Date Friday, 12 May 2017
  • Location Chellow Dene, Bradford
  • Grid Reference SE 11382 34707
  • Latitude 53.808532
  • Longitude -1.8286392
  • Man Hours 55.2
  • Members In Attendance 18
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Sunday, 19 February 2017

CVSRT received a request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with evacuation of two children who were stuck on steep banking above the Rochdale Canal.

Whilst team members were en route to the location, we received a stand down as West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were already in attendance and dealing with the incident.

WYFRS Incident:

In attendance: 22 CVSRT
Total Duration: 1hr

Additional Info

  • Date Saturday, 11 February 2017
  • Location Stubbing Drive, Hebden Bridge
  • Grid Reference SD 98218 27103
  • Latitude 53.740310
  • Longitude -2.0284903
  • Man Hours 22
  • Members In Attendance 22
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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Midway through our 50th Anniversary Celebration Service in Mytholmroyd, CVSRT members became aware of a missing persons appeal issued by West Yorkshire Police for Denise Bishop, a vulnerable 38yo female, who was reported missing from Calderdale Royal Hospital.

Team members immediately noticed similarities to a recent missing person search in Holmfirth by Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team, where the female had been successfully found by HVMRT on Friday (18th November) but was hypothermic and in need of medical assistance at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Subsequently the casualty had been transferred to Halifax for further treatment.

At 16:00pm on Saturday (19th November), West Yorkshire Police requested CVSRT assistance and our incident leaders also alerted HVMRT to the new search for the same female. Within the hour, 51 members from both teams had assembled and were deployed in and around the Savile Park area of Halifax. Earlier in the afternoon the missing female had been seen on CCTV entering the park.

As darkness fell, the temperatures also fell below freezing and search efforts intensified into the night with CVSRT Search dog ‘Pepper’ and Cheshire SAR Trailing dog ‘Skye’ joining the search, as well as additional units from the police, the police helicopter and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. All areas of interest radiating out from the last confirmed sighting in Savile Park were thoroughly searched and cleared.

The hospital grounds had already been searched earlier in the day by CRI security staff, however a CVSRT fell party were tasked to search the hospital grounds again just in case the missing female had been wandering for a while and had returned to that location.

At 20:38, the missing female was successfully found by CVSRT in dense foliage at the rear of the hospital. She was alive but wet, cold and very confused. She was able to walk and was escorted indoors for medical assistance.

CVSRT would like to thank HVMRT, WYFRS and WYP for their assistance with searching and covering such a large area so quickly. The combined efforts concluded with a successful find. Excellent team work and a fantastic result.

In attendance:
24 Calder Valley SRT members and 1 Search dog
26 Holme Valley MRT
1 Cheshire SAR Trailing dog and handler
West Yorkshire Police
NPAS Police Helicopter
West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

Additional Info

  • Date Saturday, 19 November 2016
  • Location Savile Park, Halifax
  • Grid Reference SE 08896 23624
  • Latitude 53.708967
  • Longitude -1.8667102
  • Man Hours 24
  • Members In Attendance 132
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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

At 13:34 today, West Yorkshire Police​ alerted CVSRT to an incident involving a mountain biker who had fallen off his bike whilst negotiating a technical section of a cycle trail and fell approx. 10metres down a steep banking. Details of exact location or potential injuries were initially vague, therefore various emergency resources were deployed to the scene whilst more details were confirmed.

Emergency services on-scene established that the rider was stuck down the enbankment, hence the call for assistance, but unhurt. He was rescued by WYFRS Technical Rescue and checked over for injuries by our team doctor and paramedic, but thankfully required no medical assistance.

Team members stood down and returned to base, then onward to their homes or places of work.

In attendance:
18 CVSRT members
West Yorkshire Police
Yorkshire Ambulance Service
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
Duration: 1hr 48mins

Additional Info

  • Date Wednesday, 21 September 2016
  • Location Cemetery Lane, Sowerby
  • Grid Reference SE 04951 23545
  • Latitude 53.708308
  • Longitude -1.9264724
  • Man Hours 59.4
  • Members In Attendance 18
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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Just as team members arrived for the monthly maintenance at our Mytholmroyd base, an urgent call from Yorkshire Ambulance Service was received for assistance with the evacuation of an 85yo man who had fallen over a wall and down the very steep embankment from Dudwell Lane towards the railway. Due to the precarious location of the casualty, the full team was immediately deployed.

As CVSRT members arrived at the location, it became apparent that the emergency services on-scene already had the incident under control. A handful of team members were tasked to assist with the stretcher carry at trackside, whilst the majority team members stood down.

Once the casualty was safely evacuated from the railway line and loaded into the ambulance, team members returned to base to complete the maintenance of vehicles and equipment.

In attendance:
West Yorkshire Police
Yorkshire Ambulance Service
(YAS) Hazardous Area Response Team
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
WYF Technical Rescue Team
and 29 CVSRT members


Additional Info

  • Date Tuesday, 16 August 2016
  • Location Dudwell Lane, Halifax
  • Grid Reference SE 09682 23147
  • Latitude 53.704665
  • Longitude -1.8548128
  • Man Hours 49.3
  • Members In Attendance 29
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