Incident #82

Sunday, 09 October 1988    Hardcastle Crags.    
Assist ambulance service evacuate an injured lady.

Incident #81

Sunday, 18 September 1988    Cragg Vale, Heptonstall, Hardcastle Crags    
Search of local ‘black spots’ for suicidal man who had left in a note a list of places he might be found at. Found near home.

Incident #80

Tuesday, 13 September 1988    Brig Royd, Ripponden    
Search for missing 80yr old woman- missing from old peoples home. Found safe and well in a greenhouse 200m from home.

Incident #79

Monday, 18 January 1988    Barnoldswick    
Search of moorland for elderly man missing from old peoples home. Found safe but in need of medical attention.

Incident #78

Wednesday, 25 November 1987    Brearley House    
Search of residential home grounds for missing 84yr old woman- (same woman as Inc. No 77) Found safe but suffering mild. hypothermia.

Incident #77

Sunday, 04 October 1987    Brearley House.    
Search of residential home grounds for missing 84yr old woman. Found in grounds safe and well.

Incident #76

Monday, 26 January 1987    Pecket Well area.    
Search for missing 12yr old girl- benighted whilst out looking for her goat. Found safe and well (goat too!)

Incident #75

Sunday, 14 December 1986    Portsmouth. Todmorden    
Search for missing female walker- separated from companions. Turned up safe and well in Cornholme.

Incident #74

Monday, 25 August 1986    Jerusalem Farm area.    
Search of farm land for depressed woman

Incident #73

Monday, 18 August 1986    Bog Eggs Edge, Old Town.    
3-day(?) search for depressed 26 yrs. man following discovery of abandoned tent on moors. Turned up at Catterick.

Incident #72

Wednesday, 16 July 1986    Hudson Clough, Cornholme.    
Search for missing man. Found at bottom of gully.

Incident #71

Wednesday, 29 January 1986    Withens Reservoir    
Search for two men on survival test in severe weather. Turned up safe.

Incident #70

Saturday, 16 November 1985    Scammonden Dam.    
Search of area surrounding Scammonden Dam for missing 29yr old man. Body later recovered in 1988 from reservoir.

Incident #69

Saturday, 05 October 1985    Tarn Hows, Coniston.    
Search for missing 30yr old female- believed suicidal.

Incident #68

Thursday, 10 January 1985    Mytholmroyd.    
Search for missing 78yr old lady. Found dead in river.

Incident #67

Wednesday, 21 November 1984    Langdale. Lake District    
Search for 2 missing elderly walkers.

Incident #66

Sunday, 07 October 1984    Fly Flatts area    
Search for missing man- believed suicidal. Turned up at home.

Incident #65

Saturday, 29 September 1984    Ogden Reservior    
Assist ambulance service to carry off woman with suspected leg fracture.

Incident #64

Thursday, 18 August 1983    Coniston.    
Search for missing man- believed suicidal

Incident #63

Wednesday, 17 August 1983    Worsthorne to Hardcastle Crags.    
Search for missing 20yr old female walker travelling from Worsthorne to Hardcastle Crags. Turned up in Burnley.

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