Saturday, 16 March 2019

Following a period of persistent heavy rain which saw 59.44mm of rain fall in 24hrs Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team made assets available. Two CVSRT vehicles crewed by seven Swiftwater Rescue Technicians (SRT’s) patrolled the valley and were on standby to assist the other agencies involved.

Neighbouring Mountain Rescue England and Wales Teams in the Mid Pennine region, Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team (BPMRT), Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team and Rossendale & Pendle Mountain Rescue Team were on standby to assist CVSRT.

In Attendance: 11 CVSRT
Total Duration: 10hrs 30mins


Additional Info

  • Date Saturday, 16 March 2019
  • Location Calder Valley
  • Grid Reference SE 01063 25976
  • Latitude 53.730178
  • Longitude -1.9853631
  • Man Hours 71
  • Members In Attendance 11
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Thursday, 12 January 2017

CVSRT received a request from Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team to provide flood support to the community in their operational area. A storm surge had been forecast along the East Coast and there was a high risk of flooding.

Read more: Tidal Surge

In attendance: 5 CVSRT members

Additional Info

  • Date Thursday, 12 January 2017
  • Location Scarborough
  • Grid Reference TA 04181 89106
  • Latitude 54.286974
  • Longitude -0.40110865
  • Man Hours 93
  • Members In Attendance 5
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With the sounds of the flood sirens heard recently in the Calder Valley, we are all constantly reminded of the risk of flooding remains real. CVSRT remains vigilant, always prepared ready to deploy when and wherever needed. Our commitment to the safety of the community is paramount and we endeavour to continue to increase our water rescue capabilities. This has been made possible by the continued support and generous donations from the community, local organisations and private companies throughout the Calder Valley. Thanks to this fantastic support, our water rescue team has managed to train three new Swift Water Rescue Technicians and recertified five other members to the same high national standard required in Flood Rescue Response. All these members attended an intensive 4-day course in Wales. (Ref: RESCUE3 EUROPE)

The team currently has 10 Swift Water Rescue Technicians (MOD3) capable of carrying out water entry rescue techniques in both water and flood incidents, who are supported by a further 12 (MOD 2) Water Responders providing bank side support. With training costs and the purchase of specialist water equipment including a rescue sled, aluminium boat and trailer modifications, dry suits and water proof radio communications, the team has invested approximately £13,000 to date on its swift water flood rescue capability. This means the team are in a strong position to meet the calls for assistance from the statutory emergency services and to help the communities both locally and further afield.

On Sunday 4th December, as most folk enjoyed the Christmas Market in Sowerby Bridge, our water rescue members braved the chilly waters at the canoe course on the River Calder to refresh their water rescue skills. Water environments are very dangerous, demanding places and require a high level of skills to be maintained. During the day, water team members carried out refresher training of basic survival skills including defensive swimming and self-rescue using the river hydrology through the flows of the canoe slalom course. Whilst river levels appeared low, there was still plenty of current along the course to challenge the group. The water team then moved onto rescue techniques including throw line rescue, wading and tethered swim rescues.

As a result of experience gained during the floods in Cumbria and the Calder Valley, team members practiced the extraction of a non-walking casualty across fast flows using a wading formation to protect the casualty whilst providing stability. The team also had the opportunity to train using their new Northern Diver rescue sled to affect the rescue of casualties from the water. There was also time to practice water based bank searching, which the team is sometimes tasked to do in the search for missing persons. Probationary members also had the opportunity to experience the challenges of a water environment as they were put through their paces swimming in the river flows.

Our sincere thanks to all our generous benefactors who make it possible for us to continue to grow and develop the teams specialist skills to assist partner services and safeguard the community. We would also like to thank Halifax Canoe Club for kindly allowing us to use their excellent club facilities, which also give members a respite from the chilly waters.

We wish everyone a safe and very Merry Christmas.

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Monday, 28 December 2015

CVSRT's trained Water Technicians departed the valley at 7am with two of our Land Rovers journeying to York.

On arrival, team members attended a flood status briefing, along with fellow Mountain Rescue Teams from around the country.

Rescuers spent the day helping to evacuate residents and carrying out welfare checks where required.

At 17:00, the 8 members returned to base to decontaminate their equipment and vehicles ready for the next deployment. 



Additional Info

  • Date Monday, 28 December 2015
  • Location York City Centre
  • Grid Reference SE599519
  • Latitude 53.959965
  • Longitude -1.0872979
  • Man Hours 80
  • Members In Attendance 8
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2015 in Summary

Thursday, 31 December 2015

During 2015, Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team has experienced some incredible high points, but sadly we finish the year witnessing first-hand the utter devastation that has ruined so many homes and businesses with the recent floods.

No matter what the situation though, one word resonates throughout… ‘COMMUNITY’…and we are proud to be part of this community.

On behalf of all the volunteers who make up the team; from supporters, dogsbodies and training casualties, probie members and operational full team members, may we take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last twelve months, because without it there is no team.

This evening, we hope you have time to reflect on the past year and look forward to a positive future. Please support one of the numerous fundraising events up and down the valley in aid of the flood relief efforts.

In 2016, we will celebrate our 50th Anniversary. We hope that you will join us at the various events we have planned throughout the year to help mark this monumental milestone. More details will be released soon.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.


Saving lives in wild & remote places since 1966.


2015 in Summary

Incidents: 325 hours

• 60 Full Team callouts

• 13 Search Dog callouts (locally and nationally)

Training & Maintenance: 864 hours

Public Events & Fundraising: 576 hours.


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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Saturday 26th December 2015 (Boxing Day), 09:20am

CVSRT received an urgent request from West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service and West Yorkshire Police for immediate assistance with the widespread severe flooding along the River Calder and throughout the Calder Valley.

What followed over the next 24 hours, (and continues to reek havoc) is well documented in the press and across all the social media channels.  There is very little more we can say to describe the utter devastation that has ruined so many homes and lives.

CVSRT Swiftwater Rescue Technicians (SRTs) were tasked to assist with numerous rescues throughout the valley based on medical priority, including checking the welfare of several elderly and ‘at risk’ members of the community, and also the evacuation of medical emergencies including the evacuation of an elderly gentleman suffering from chest pains via HM Coastguard helicopter (SAR-H).

In early December, our SRTs helped fellow rescuers in Cumbria with their floods.  Yesterday our local emergency services battled tirelessly to assist those in need in Calderdale.  Today the clean up began throughout the valley. Tomorrow, CVSRT will deploy several SRTs to assist within another surge expected in York whilst the remaining CVSRT members remain on stand-by to assist the other emergency services. 

The scale of the destruction is vast, swift and heartbreaking, and as members of the community, we feel the extreme sadness too.

Please pull together at this horrendous time and help each other as members of your community. 

Community Foundation for Calderdale have launched the ‘Calderdale Flood Relief Appeal’ to raise funds to support people within the valley whose lives have been affected by the floods.

Please dig deep and support if you can: https://localgiving.com/appeal/Flooding

Photograph by Dave Whitehouses, Mytholmroyd.  

Additional Info

  • Date Saturday, 26 December 2015
  • Location Calderdale
  • Grid Reference SE011260
  • Latitude 53.730928
  • Longitude -1.9837091
  • Man Hours 300
  • Members In Attendance 36
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