£60,000 donation from Community Foundation For Calderdale

02 Dec 2016

WOW! Something happened last night in Halifax and the shockwaves are still being felt today within Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team.

Yesterday evening, CVSRT Leader Ben Carter, Deputy Leader Jonathan Cole and Chairman Pete Farnell attended an event at Dean Clough Halifax with 250 guests to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Community Foundation For Calderdale, but little did they know what was about to happen.

For those unfamiliar with the work CFFC does, they are a philanthropic advisor to individual donors and businesses locally, a strategic grant making foundation and community leader. Each year they identify priority local needs and address those needs via their strategic grant making. The foundation aims to make real and lasting changes to key areas of life in Calderdale.

Our members thought they were simply attending to support the fantastic work that the foundation does, until they were called to the stage. At which point, CVSRT members were presented with a cheque for £60,000 to go directly towards replacing the team's incident control vehicle (Calder Mobile 4). WOW indeed!

During 2017, it is our aim to replace the ageing control vehicle, which will cost approximately £70,000 to purchase and specially adapt for mountain rescue service. This incredible donation is the single largest vote of confidence the team has received which will allow us to proceed with the replacement vehicle project.

As most of you know, CVSRT is a registered charity providing an essential, life-saving emergency service and flood rescue support to the community of the Calder Valley and beyond. The Team attends an average of 65+ callouts each year and is staffed entirely by over 50 unpaid volunteers with the invaluable help of our active supporters.

It costs around £35,000 a year just to keep the team operational, this sum does not include the cost of purchasing any new equipment or replacing vehicles. All funds are raised through generous donations from the community and local businesses, as we receive no direct government funding.

CVSRT is literally in shock and we are eternally grateful to CFFC. This concludes our golden jubilee year beautifully. Our sincere thanks to everyone for their support, and for allowing us to continue to provide the essential emergency service to the community.

Thank you from a very, very grateful team.

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