Mountain Rescue Dolomites Rescue Race

01 Oct 2016

*** UPDATE: CVSRT Members win Bronze Medal (3rd place) in the International Category.  Well done guys. ***

The spirit of adventure is strong with four CVSRT members, who flew out yesterday to northeastern Italy to join fellow Mountain Rescue volunteers from Europe and around the world. The purpose of their trip (which was funded entirely by the team members themselves), is to compete in the 6th Mountain Rescue Dolomites Rescue Race (Pieve Di Cadore, Belluno Italy), which is held this weekend (Sept 30th - 2nd October).

Team members Al Day, Alistair Morris, Paul Taylor and probie member Dan Kelly, accepted the challenge and have headed to the mountains to represent Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team in this grueling event.

The Dolomites Rescue Race is the only event dedicated to members of the International Mountain Rescue community and includes technical and endurance tests. It was conceived primarily to create an annual occasion to meet en masse with the rescue teams of all the regions of the Mountain Rescue Service. The ultimate aim was to have an opportunity to get together outside the usual pressure-cooker environment of a Mountain Rescue operation.

In summary, the competitors start at Praciadelan (Calalzo di Cadore) at 1040m above sea level (asl), rises to 2080m where the race begins with a 200 meter fixed ropes running up to the highest point of the course at 2130m asl. Having caught their breath after the arduous climb, the competitors begin the long descent to the picturesque Rifugio (Hut) Antelao (1796m) and then to pass Antracisa (1693m) which takes the teams towards the last climb of the race and the rugged peak of Monte Tranego (1849m asl).

The descent involves abseiling down to the gravel road that leads to Pieve di Cadore (923m), where competitors will have to assemble the stretcher and configure the team in “emergency standard” to take it to the finish line and the cheering spectators in the main square of the town - Piazza Tiziano at 848m where beer, rest and the afterglow awaits them. The total elevation of the race is 1250m, while the descent is a negative 1440m.

The entire Dolomites Rescue Race stretches along the slopes of the King of the Dolomites: Mount Antelao. The extraordinary scenic beauty of the Marmarole and the jagged grandeur of the Spalti di Toro elevate this fascinating race to an unforgettable experience.

But why you may ask?

CVSRT Alistair Morris said, “It’s perfect opportunity to raise awareness for those affected by the 6.2 magnitude earthquake on 24th August 2016, that struck the Amatrice area of Italy, (100km north east of Rome) killing 297 people and leaving hundreds injured as homes and buildings collapsed. Whilst we were unable to send any team members or search dogs at the time to assist with the aftermath of the earthquake, we can highlight the incredible efforts of the search and rescue teams and volunteers involved with the disaster.”

Watch the Dolomites Rescue Race promo video:

For more information about the Italian Earthquake:

To support the emergency activities of the Italian Red Cross, click here:

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