CVSRT duo to climb The Matterhorn

15 Jul 2017

“The greatest danger in life is not to take the adventure.” George Leigh Mallory

Next month, two members of Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team are swapping the Pennines of Calderdale for the Pennine Alps and challenging themselves to climb a truly iconic mountain - The Matterhorn.

This huge and near-symmetrical pyramidal peak in the Monta Rosa area of the Pennine Alps is 4,478metres (14,692 ft) high, making it one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe.  Whilst Jacques and Rich are both competent climbers, it is still a daunting climb as they intend to make their way to the summit via the Lion Ridge (Cresta del Leone), taking two days for the climb and staying at the Carrel Hut overnight before climbing the final 650m, summiting and descending on the second day.

Jacques and Rich explained, “We will be staying in Chamonix where most of our trip will be spent acclimatising to the altitude and practising the techniques that will be required on the Matterhorn. This is because success relies on being able to move quickly and efficiently when we're on the hill - if we take too long, we'll simply run out of time. We are paying for this challenge entirely ourselves, but we are doing it for a reason and need everyone's support." 

CVSRT are currently in the process of upgrading radio and communication equipment. As part of this process, we require radio repeaters, (which costs approximately £1500 each).  These will be placed at fixed locations throughout the Calder Valley and around our operational area to boost our radio signal and improve communications.

Jacques and Rich have set up a fundraising page and are hoping to raise enough money to cover the cost for one of these radio repeaters (£1500).  

If you would like to sponsor them and in turn support CVSRT, please visit:

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