Praise from lady involved in a 50ft car crash

12 Aug 2017

** Statement on the BBC from the young lady who was involved in 50ft car fall on Sunday evening. ** By Nick Wilmshurst, BBC Yorkshire Live Reporter

A woman who had to be rescued after her car rolled down a 50ft ravine near the M62 in West Yorkshire at the weekend says she wants to thank "the amazing people" who rescued her.Rochelle Garner, from Ripponden, West Yorkshire, lost control of her car on Sunday on the A672 near to Junction 22 of the M62 as she was following her partner in the car in front.

She said: "It veered off the road and I didn't hit anything for a little while and then it rolled three times. It was surreal, I couldn't put it into words. "I just wanted to get out of the vehicle as quickly as possible and I was still strapped in. I managed to push the door open and climb out."

Rochelle says her head has been left swollen by the accident, but otherwise she has minor injuries. Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team were called out to help her: "I remember them pulling me up the hill, I was on a stretcher and I was being pulled to the top."

Rochelle was released the same night and says she's still sore, has cuts and bruises, hurt her left leg and suffered dizziness and she's now resting up at home. She says she particularly wants to thank Stephan Gray and Jonathan Stigwood who were first on the scene: I just want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart. I'm not sure if there are any words I could say really. They're all amazing people."

Rochelle Garner


View here: Incident #1028


Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team would like to take this opportunity to thank Rochelle for her kind words and wish her a speedy recovery. CVSRT would also like to thank all the emergency services who were on-scene to assist with the rescue. It was great teamwork from all involved.

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