Father and son team up for mountain challenge Father and son team up for mountain challenge

Father and son team up for mountain challenge

14 Oct 2017

Roland Arnison (Roly) and his 14 years old son James Elles from Thornton, Bradford, have set their goals high with a mountain of a challenge as they attempt the complete the National Three Peaks Challenge to help raise funds for Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team (CVSRT).

For those unfamiliar with the challenge, it involves climbing the three highest peaks, which are Ben Nevis (1345m) in Scotland, Scafell Pike (978m) in the Lake District and Snowdon (1085m) in Wales, all within 24 hours. To help them accomplish their challenge, they have enlisted Richard Quinn who will drive the pair between the three locations. Both Roly and Richard are also team members with CVSRT. The challenge for Roly and James is to complete the estimated 13-14hours of hill climbing with very little sleep. The challenge for Richard is to drive the pair promptly but safely between the mountains.

James said, “I have climbed about 11 mountains but I've never done anything like the National Three Peaks Challenge before. I’m really excited about climbing the biggest mountains as fast as possible.”

Roly added, “I have quite a lot of mountaineering experience and being a mountain rescue volunteer with Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team keeps me busy and hill fit so I’m not too concerned about the physical climbs, I’m more concerned about whether I can keep up with James who is considerably younger and more agile than I – but I’ll give it my best shot!”

“We are raising money for CVSRT because I know first hand how vital fundraising is to the team. It costs approximately £35,000 per year just to keep the team operational, which is raised entirely though fundraising and donations from the community and local businesses. Our initial target for this challenge is £500 but we would love to smash that target! – We’ve managed to raise nearly £200 already which is a great start.” Roly concluded.

Roly & James’s National Three Peaks Challenge will involve a total of 24 miles of mountain climbing and more than 3000metres of ascent as well as 460 miles of driving, all within 24 hours and will take place on 26th-27th October.

Please visit their fundraising page to show your support and to donate: Roly & James' National Three Peaks Challenge

Find out more info about: National Three Peaks Challenge

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