Sleep, who needs it?

22 Sep 2014

Some Rescue Team members have had a challenging week this week as several night time calls resulted in a loss of beauty sleep.

Here is how it all developed;

03:17 am on Monday 15th September and the Team Leaders were called to assist Halifax Police with a search for a male who had left the scene of a car accident. Damage to the vehicle and the location suggested the young man may have been injured and could be in fields or woods nearby. Leaders attended Halifax Police station to support the investigation and make search plans. Fortunately the man was located safe & well at an address in Halifax and the team stood down around 4.30am.

03:20am on Friday 19th September and Halifax Police again contacted the team requesting search assistance following a report from a member of the public that calls for help had been heard in the Holywell Green area. Team leaders attended the scene and after further investigation a specific area of fields & woodland was identified for search. Search dog handler Dave & dog Jack together with several team members attended to search the area but nothing was found. The mystery remains however the probable cause of the noise was likely to be the local fox population. Team stood down around 7.30am.

01:49am on Saturday 20th September and the pagers again sprang to life as Shipley Police requested our assistance in their search for a vulnerable missing teenager. Areas of woodland & fields around Northcliffe Golf course were identified as crucial to the search. Search dog handlers Pete with dog Meg, and Dave with dog Jack attended together with supporting team members to carry out the searching. Searches failed to locate the missing girl and the team stood down around 6.40 am as the police continued to follow their leads. She was eventually located at an address later that day safe & well.

The search dogs proved invaluable in these searches and allowed the team to cover ground quickly & intensively saving much foot slogging for team members and police officers alike.

Now you know why team members don’t win beauty competitions – very late nights!

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