Saturday, 06 August 2016

West Yorkshire Police requested assistance from CVSRT leaders with the search planning for a missing pensioner from Todmorden.

Whilst helping the police with this incident, a second request was received from Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) for urgent assistance with a gentleman who was suffering with chest pains whilst walking at Brontë Falls, near Haworth. As there was an immediate risk to life, 18 CVSRT members responded to this incident. (Incident #952)

As team members were loading the casualty from Incident #952 into the ambulance, we received the good news that the missing gentleman had been located alive and well with in the search zone. 

Additional Info

  • Date Saturday, 06 August 2016
  • Location East Lee Lane, Todmorden
  • Grid Reference SD 960253
  • Latitude 53.724489
  • Longitude -2.0611418
  • Man Hours 1.5
  • Members In Attendance 1
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Sunday, 24 July 2016

CVSRT called to assist West Yorkshire Police and Yorkshire Ambulance Service with the evacuation of a vulnerable male who had been found unconscious in a remote location near Calder Clough, Bacup Road, Todmorden.

Once on-scene, team members transferred the casualty approx. 500metres by stretcher to the roadside for handover to the ambulance crew.

Three members from Oldham Mountain Rescue Team were also in the area, so kindly assisted with the evacuation.

Additional Info

  • Date Saturday, 23 July 2016
  • Location Calder Clough, Todmorden
  • Grid Reference SD926232
  • Latitude 53.705897
  • Longitude -2.1122396
  • Man Hours 21
  • Members In Attendance 13
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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

At 03:39 on Tuesday 18th March 2016, the team were called to assist the West Yorkshire Police in a search for a high risk missing person in the Dauber Bridge area of Cragg Vale. The team were out for over 7 hours before being stood down at 11:15.

In attendence: West Yorkshire Police

Additional Info

  • Date Tuesday, 15 March 2016
  • Location Cragg Vale
  • Grid Reference SE 00610 24900
  • Latitude 53.720509
  • Longitude -1.9922342
  • Man Hours 129
  • Members In Attendance 17
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Wednesday, 02 March 2016

Just as the team settled down for this evening’s weekly training session, the phone rang. The call was an urgent request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) for assistance with locating and evacuating a casualty, believed to be an injured dog walker who had sustained a lower leg injury and was somewhere on moorland above Ogden Reservoir. CVSRT deployed immediately.

The National Police Air Service helicopter (NPAS_CarrGate) assisted with the search to pinpoint the location of the young man and his two dogs, and then guided West Yorkshire Police (WYP), Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) and team members to his location.

Due to the steep ground terrain and stormy wintery conditions, the casualty was quickly packaged into a winter casualty bag and promptly evacuated by stretcher to higher flat ground and the safety of our Land Rover Defender 110 (CM2), which transported him off the moors to the waiting land ambulance.

At 21:20 the team stood down and returned to base. 

In attendance: CVSRT

Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS)

West Yorkshire Police (WYP)

National Police Air Service (NPAS_CarrGate)

Additional Info

  • Date Wednesday, 02 March 2016
  • Location Ogden Reservoir
  • Grid Reference SE0574 3157
  • Latitude 53.780431
  • Longitude -1.9143744
  • Man Hours 54
  • Members In Attendance 36
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2015 in Summary

Thursday, 31 December 2015

During 2015, Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team has experienced some incredible high points, but sadly we finish the year witnessing first-hand the utter devastation that has ruined so many homes and businesses with the recent floods.

No matter what the situation though, one word resonates throughout… ‘COMMUNITY’…and we are proud to be part of this community.

On behalf of all the volunteers who make up the team; from supporters, dogsbodies and training casualties, probie members and operational full team members, may we take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last twelve months, because without it there is no team.

This evening, we hope you have time to reflect on the past year and look forward to a positive future. Please support one of the numerous fundraising events up and down the valley in aid of the flood relief efforts.

In 2016, we will celebrate our 50th Anniversary. We hope that you will join us at the various events we have planned throughout the year to help mark this monumental milestone. More details will be released soon.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.


Saving lives in wild & remote places since 1966.


2015 in Summary

Incidents: 325 hours

• 60 Full Team callouts

• 13 Search Dog callouts (locally and nationally)

Training & Maintenance: 864 hours

Public Events & Fundraising: 576 hours.


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Monday, 14 December 2015

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

On Sunday 13th December at 17:27, Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team received a request from West Yorkshire Police to locate a missing walker who had become lost somewhere near Withens Clough Reservoir whilst walking towards Stoodley Pike, Todmorden.

Due to the dense fog that had descended rapidly on the moors, visibility was very poor and the walker had become disorientated and lost his way. Worried for his wellbeing and unsure of his exact location, the full team were deployed to affect a rapid search and rescue.

As team members made there way to the search zone, incident leaders used SARLOC to help pinpoint the walker’s location. Once on-scene, one of the teams search dogs (Meg) with handler Pete and navigator Richard, were tasked with searching the reported grid references, and found the walker.

He was tired, cold, wet and in need of assistance due to exposure to the elements, but after being tended to by a team casualty carer, and warmed up and fed, he was able to walk to Calder Mobile 1, located on the nearest driveable track for transfer off the moor.

A very grateful walker, and an excellent result. Well done Search dog ‘Meg’ and thanks also to Russ Hore (Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team) for designing SARLOC (ref: accuracy 15metres).

So, what is SARLOC?

Read more: http://www.mountain.rescue.org.uk/information-centre/the-oracle/communications/sarloc

Additional Info

  • Date Sunday, 13 December 2015
  • Location Withens Clough
  • Grid Reference SD 97803 23509
  • Latitude 53.708001
  • Longitude -2.0347606
  • Man Hours 76.5
  • Members In Attendance 30 and 3 Search Dogs
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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

CVSRT were requested by West Yorkshire Police to assist with the search for John Demach, a missing Halifax man who was last seen leaving the Belgrave Social Club in Claremount at 20:24 on Monday 26th October.  Initially, CVSRT deployed 12 members to help trace the missing man, with a further 9 members joining the search later in the evening.  

After 14hrs of searching areas of interested around the Halifax area, the team were stood down at 21:00 on 28th October. 

Enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with information should contact the Calderdale District Special Operations Room via 101 quoting log number 1583 of October 26. 


Additional Info

  • Date Wednesday, 28 October 2015
  • Location Claremount, Halifax
  • Grid Reference SE 01062 25968
  • Latitude 53.7299
  • Longitude -1.85479
  • Man Hours 189.5
  • Members In Attendance 21
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