Incident #20

Sunday, 09 January 1972    Winter Hill. Bolton    
Search for 2 children believed to be missing. This turned out to be a hoax.

Incident #19

Tuesday, 28 December 1971    Heptonstall Quarry    
Assist 13yr old crag fast climber.

Incident #18

Tuesday, 16 November 1971    Stanage    
Search for 8 missing Scouts

Incident #17

Friday, 24 September 1971    Keighley    
Search for 2 missing Pennine Way walkers

Incident #16

Monday, 06 September 1971    Black Hameldon, nr Bolton    
Search for 2 missing orienteers

Incident #15

Friday, 23 July 1971    Blackshawhead    
Search for 72yr old man from Salford.

Incident #14

Sunday, 04 July 1971    Bowland Knotts. Lancashire    
Search for 4yr old boy lost on moors

Incident #13

Tuesday, 17 November 1970    Shawforth. Lancashire    
Search for 7 overdue walkers.

Incident #12

Saturday, 04 April 1970    Alum Pot, Selside    
Search for two overdue cavers

Incident #11

Tuesday, 02 December 1969    Mankinholes Youth Hostel    
Search for 2 overdue walkers on Pennine Way

Incident #7

Monday, 03 November 1969    Scafell, Lakes    
Search for missing walker

Incident #10

Wednesday, 08 October 1969    Todmorden    
Search for girl missing from home.

Incident #6

Wednesday, 01 October 1969    Kinder Scout    
Search for 2 missing walkers.

Incident #5

Tuesday, 23 September 1969    Whitworth    
Search for 3 missing girls on ponies who were overdue.

Incident #9

Sunday, 11 May 1969    Storthes Hall, Huddersfield    
Search of hospital grounds for missing patient. Body found in stream.

Incident #8

Thursday, 06 March 1969    Todmorden    
Search for girl missing from home. Body found in canal.

Incident #4

Monday, 12 August 1968    Grasmere    
Search for missing walker- found dead.

Incident #3

Friday, 23 June 1967    Mossdale Caverns, Yorkshire Dales.    
Search for 6 missing cavers- believed trapped underground- the search lasted several days. All found dead in flooded cave system.

Incident #2

Thursday, 15 September 1966    Triangle, Sowerby Bridge    
Search for a missing man- believed to be suicidal.

Incident #1

Monday, 28 February 1966   
A Reservoir Keeper lost in a blizzard. Found dead. This incident inspired the formation of the Rescue Team.
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