CVSRT - May 2020

They’ve done it!

A huge congratulations to Tracy Cokill, Janet Whitaker and everyone who took part in the Mountain Rescue England and Wales MR’athon. Covering 26 miles, from the door, over the last week to raise money for Mountain Rescue teams across the country.

Janet and Tracy took part on behalf of Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team as their nominated team, running, hiking and cycling across the Calder Valley in what has been a very hot week.

So far over £6,000 has been received in donations which is a fantastic amount and a big thank you to everyone who has donated. Every penny raised will make a difference to Mountain Rescue team’s ability to respond when called upon.

There is still time to donate, just follow the link for details -


20 May 2020

From the 23rd May, less than a weeks time, 2 of Calder Valley Search And Rescue Team’s (CVSRT) active supporters will be joining other Mountain Rescue volunteers to run a MR’athon, covering 26 miles in a week whilst adhering to all current government guidelines.

With several of our planned fundraising events cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is fantastic to see volunteers from around the country stepping up to the challenge to help raise much needed funds that help to keep search and rescue teams operational.

Thank you to everyone who is taking part, with an extra special thanks to Tracy Cokill and Janet Whittaker. Good luck!

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England's message:

A tenacious team in trainers are running, walking, cycling or crawling to complete a 'from the front door' (within relevant government exercise guidelines) a 26 mile MR'athon in support of Mountain Rescue!

Last year more than 2000 people in need were helped by Mountain Rescue volunteers and in 2020 MR continues to show selfless commitment to helping others, assisting walkers and climbers, providing crucial support during flood crises, searching for vulnerable people missing from home and supporting the police and ambulance service. Volunteers do all this while having regular jobs and family lives to juggle! During lockdown teams have been supporting their local communities and many team members are key workers currently working incredibly hard on the front line.

Whilst our activities in the outdoors are temporarily limited the Mountain Rescue teams are still working hard to remain operational to save lives. The teams rely on donations and many avenues of fundraising has completely dried up as charity boxes sit empty in pubs, shops and cafes that are closed.

An enthusiastic bunch of volunteer Mountain Rescue Search Dog handlers, Trainee Search Dog handlers, 'Dogsbodies' and supporters have teamed up to run an MR'athon in support of MR Teams across England & Wales. Over 40 runner and non-runner folk alike are dusting off their trainers and adjusting their buffs to clock up the K's from their own front doors over one week from 23rd May 2020. You can follow the efforts of your local team members and everyone online at MRSDE FB page. I'm sure some of the Search Dogs will be getting in on the action too - in fact if you threw their favourite toy for 26 miles there's no way you'd stop them!

We all thank you very, very much if you can help with a donation at this time. We have often been reminded that when this difficult time passes 'the mountains will still be there' and so, with everyone's support, will be our phenomenal volunteer Mountain Rescue Teams saving lives.

To show your support to everyone taking part please visit -

Stay Safe

14 May 2020


Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team continue to stand behind the message asking people to Stay Safe.

We do, however, understand that following the recent announcements from the government, which sees some of the restrictions placed in reaction to the COVID-19 relaxed, many of us will begin to start enjoying the outdoors more frequently and for longer durations.

Accidents do and will happen and as a team all of the extra precautions we are taking are to look out for the safety and wellbeing of our volunteers whilst maintaining the ability to remain operational and take care of the safety and wellbeing of all casualties in need of our help.

What we do ask of anyone planning any time in the outdoors is to be #adventuresmart. No matter the activity, think about your skills and capabilities, check the weather, ensure you have the relevant equipment and clothing and choose an appropriate route to help you stay safe.

So please, be safe but also remember if you do need help, CVSRT are here to provide it.

Well done Amelia!

Amelia has done it, she has had her locks cut and raised an amazing £520 for Calder Valley Rescue Team. Amelia’s mum, Natalie, would like to say “Thank you all SO much for your amazing support and encouragement. Amelia is now sporting a cute bob and is looking forward to hair brushing being less painful.”

Amelia’s tresses will now be sent to the Little Princess Trust who create wigs for children and young people suffering the devastating effects of hair loss.

Thank you Amelia, £520 is an amazing amount!

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