CVSRT - June 2020
Over the last few months, as we all continue to adapt to the restrictions in place due to COVID19, Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team (CVSRT) trainers have had to find alternative ways to ensure we can continue to keep our skills at the highest standards.
Some of these sessions, while still focusing on key skills, have had a more light hearted approach and have encouraged taking part with other members of their household.
Our last training session was based around navigation and included an orienteering style post box hunt.  The challenge was to walk, run, ride, crawl around team’s local areas in search of Royal Mail’s red post boxes.
A map of each area was provided and the challenge was to hunt down as many as possible in a 2 hour window, with the proof being a selfie alongside each post box found.
For those members currently self isolating their challenge was a series of navigational questions, testing their knowledge of both Harveys and Ordnance survey maps.

Yesterday (25th June 2020) was the hottest day of the year and saw Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team experience the busiest day* since the team was formed in 1966, with four callouts within 12 hours. (*Not including major incidents during flooding and adverse winter weather conditions).

Jonathan Cole, CVSRT Team Leader said, “As with all incidents, the casualty’s safety and efficient evacuation is paramount and I’m very proud of all CVSRT members who coped admirably with all four incidents and worked seamlessly with fellow mountain rescue team members and the statutory emergency services to achieve this. It’s worth remembering that we are a charity and all members are volunteers who drop what they are doing, whether at work or home, to help those in distress. Yesterday proved especially challenging given the intense heat and the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), that we need to wear to remain safe.”

“Certain factors make the task harder than it needs to be though. May we remind everyone to be more respectful to landowners, local residents and the countryside. Have the appropriate clothing and equipment with you for the terrain and keep the activity within your capabilities. We are also seeing many incidents where visitors are trespassing or parking cars irresponsibly, making it difficult for emergency vehicles to access the scene. Discarded alcohol cans, broken bottles and used BBQs littering beauty spots is becoming a huge problem. It is really sad to see the lack of respect from some people of all ages, although, as we see on the daily news, our region isn’t unique”

Mr Cole concluded, “Finally, I would like to thank all our team members who continue to turn out when asked, without question, no matter what time of day. Many thanks to their families and employers who support the team members and allow them the flexibility to respond at a moments notice. We’d be lost without everyone’s support”

Here’s a brief overview of the four incidents from Thursday 25th June.

#CALLOUT 1 > #1258 Black Carr Wood, Pudsey.

#CALLOUT 2 > #1259 Lumb Falls, Pecket Well

#CALLOUT 3 > #1260 Jail Hole, near Gaddings Dam

#CALLOUT 4 > #1261 Wood Head, Denholme Gate Road (Hipperholme)



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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic @Totallyscrewedhardware have been really supportive of Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team (CVSRT), helping to keep the team in stock of the additional PPE required as we follow protocols introduced since the COVID-19 pandemic. 
To add to the help they have already provided, Totally Screwed Hardware are the latest stockist of the CVSRT branded neckwear.  Tim, one of our team members visited the store in Mytholmroyd to hand over the stock and say thanks for all of their support.
Totally Screwed Hardware have been operating delivery and click and collect services only over the last few months and are pleased to be able to re-open their shop doors from Monday 15th June. Please visit their website or Facebook page for more information -
The full specification of the headwear is available here -…/giraffe-multifunctional-headwear-2
Thank you to everyone at Totally Screwed Hardware for your help!

During a cold and rainy weekend in February, before the #COVID19 restrictions were in place, a group of 3rd-year Digital Television Production students from Ravensbourne University London joined Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England (MRSDE) dogs, handlers and dogsbodies as they completed one of their regular training sessions at Widdop and Langfield.

The students were looking for subjects for part of their final major project and being impressed by the work the Search dogs do, they wanted members of Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team (CVSRT) to be subjects in their documentary. The film provides a glimpse of the work that the Search dogs do for missing people in the Calder Valley and further afield.

They managed all aspects of the filming, production and editing for their project and as a thank you to the team they raised £150 for CVSRT alongside the fundraising activity to make the documentary itself.

All the dogs, handlers and dogsbodies really enjoyed working with the the students and we can’t wait to watch the finished documentary. Follow the link to watch a short edit - > Search Dogs Documentary Clip <

Thank you to all the students involved in making the film, you can see more of their work on Facebook and Instagram under the name @animalsoncall and good luck for your degree results.

#TeamLeader Statement: Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team would like to take this opportunity to remind our community to exercise within your abilities and don’t put yourselves in harm’s way this weekend whilst out enjoying the countryside. This request comes ahead of the governments ‘support bubble’ guidelines coming into effect from tomorrow (June 13th).

Jonathan Cole, CVSRT Team Leader said, “We are truly blessed with some stunning scenery around the Calder Valley, with excellent locations and routes to explore and it is great to see people out walking, running, cycling, climbing and enjoying the landscape. However, the team has seen a significant increase in callout requests from emergency services to assist with 45 incidents so far this year. This we believe makes CVSRT one of the busiest Mountain Rescue teams in England and Wales.”

The year to date figure (45) is a 40% increase for the same period last year and CVSRT has had 26 callouts since lockdown began in March.

Jonathan concluded by saying, “As the lockdown is relaxed further, more and more people will be venturing into the countryside, therefore we urge everyone to stay safe and #adventuresmart”

Like all charities during the pandemic, CVSRT has been hit hard when it comes to fundraising seeing all public events, school/community visits and fundraising events cancelled. This has caused an 80% decrease in donations to the team. Granted the team isn’t unique or alone in this downturn, but it doesn’t stop us from being cautious with an eye on future plans and developments for the team.

CVSRT was established in 1966 and costs £45,000 per year to remain operational. The team is 100% voluntary and relies solely on donations from the community and local businesses to keep a roof over our heads and team vehicles rolling. We are ready to respond 24/7, 365 days per year, no matter what the weather or circumstance.

If you would like to support the team please visit this link to donate: > SUPPORT CVSRT <


This week has been volunteers’ week which is an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering.

As a charity Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team (CVSRT) receive no direct funding from the government and in 2019 alone our volunteers gave 15,000 hours that covered fundraising events, training and attending callouts.

In 2020 and with the COVID19 pandemic that is affecting all of us, nearly all planned fundraising events have been cancelled, however CVSRT have remained operational throughout attending 39 callouts so far this year.

We could not continue to operate without the fantastic support we are fortunate to receive and we thank everyone who has supported CVSRT over the years, it really does mean a lot to the team.

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