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Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team (CVSRT) is a 100% voluntary charity, that operates within Mountain Rescue (England & Wales) guidelines and is part of the Mid-Pennine Search & Rescue region supporting the statutory emergency services, working on behalf of West Yorkshire Police.

Search and Rescue Capabilities include:

Search and Rescue Planning & Management, Specialist Medical Treatment, Technical Steep Ground and Crag Rescue, Night and Adverse Weather Search & Rescue, Body Recovery, Swiftwater / Flood Rescue and Stretcher Evacuation.

What’s that in numbers?



It costs approximately £35,000 per year just to remain operational.

This amount is raised entirely through donations from the community and local business. All donations go directly towards keeping a roof over our heads, maintaining our emergency response vehicles, purchasing essential life-saving equipment and training team member’s new skills.

We receive no direct funding from the council or government.
Thank you for helping us to help you.


Fundraising and Public Events

CVSRT Original Giraffe® Multifunctional Headwear

Made in UK with 100% Coolmax winter weight microfiber. Seamless Knit.

One size fits all. Measures approx 50cm x 24.5cm. Weight 1.3oz.

Item comes on a display header card and individually bagged.

£10.00 + £1.50 Postage & Packaging (UK only)

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Team News

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    #SEASONSGREETINGS   Wishing all of our supporters, friends and families a happy, merry and a safe Christmas. 
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